Best 5 Burner Gas Grills

Summer is soon approaching and there’s no other way to spend it by being outdoors ready. That means tons of sun, fun, and lots of well-seasoned BBQ goodness, and one of the best ways to do grilling correctly is to do it on a 5 burner gas grill. Here are 3 of the top rated and best selling 5 burner gas grills out there for your food to sizzle on.

#3 Broil King Baron 590 5 Burner Gas Grill

With over 800 square inches of total cooking area, the Broil King Baron can certainly handle all the grilling you can muster. This grill has stainless steel burners that can deliver just the right amount of heat to cook food efficiently – up to 55,000 BTU on the main burners. Its cooking grates are made with durable and high quality cast-iron for maximum heat retention; you’ll definitely get the grill marks that will be the talk of the party.

This grill also features specialized and trademarked cooking systems, Flav-R-Wave, Linear Flow, and Sure-Lite, that all works to distribute heat evenly, allow for better temperature control, and allow for easy ignition respectively. These features alone make it completely worth it to have this grill. Combine these with the extra stainless steel workspace for prepping, and grilling will be as easy as the summer breeze.

This grill is available in stainless steel or a silver/black finish and in either liquid propane gas or natural gas versions.

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#2 Dyna-Glo Black & Premium Stainless Grill

The electronic ignition on this Dyna-Glo grill is the cherry on the top. That ignition can fire up heat totaling up to 79,000 BTU. The Black & Premium is as sleek as it sounds with commercial grade tube burners, cooking grates, warming rack, heat tents, and a double wall lid – all of which are made with stainless steel. The total package is over 760 square inches of grilling space, perfect for that weekend get-together.

Perhaps the best part about this grill is the infrared rotisserie burner which can use most 35 inch universal rotisserie kits (kit not included). You can now get that slow and evenly roasted chicken, beef, or any other type of food fresh from your backyard grill. The infrared technology will guarantee meats as juicy and tender as restaurant-quality rotisseries. And while the roast is going, the side burner can be used to make other side dishes to complete a scrumptious summer meal.

This grill is available in liquid propane gas or natural gas models.

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#1 Char Broil Performance 550 5 Burner Cabinet Gas Grill

The name alone speaks for itself, as Char Broil has been a household name when it comes to grills for decades. Being one of the oldest grill manufacturers, Char Broil definitely knows how to raise the game. With its porcelain-coated cast iron grates and racks, the Performance 550 cooks food faster and is the more economical option compared to other grate types. With a total of over 750 square inches of primary and secondary cooking space, this grill works well for everyday use.

It can also withstand as much, as this grill was made with durability in mind. Stainless steel parts and metal side shelves all work to handle constant grilling. The cabinets also offer storage that most grills don’t have. With the electronic ignition and removable grease pan for extra features, the Char Broil Performance might just be the right kind of grill for just about anybody.

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These 3 gas grills are the best 5-burners currently in the market. Each one has its own style and features that are nothing but beneficial. All in all, you can never go wrong with any one of these grills.